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i still do not know anything posted here for years, but deep down I'm a truck driver to discharge through forms - every day, often at night. ot, as most truck drivers'm always looking for what to us, we have the great pinkdino advantage that very high looking down on passing cars, but the disadvantage terrible speed, mine is 55 mph to begin the rule of not just casual, whips past makes us think ' bolllocks saw what I think I've seen' is pleasant to see only a beautiful piece of bone or a nice, if Cleaveage hopefully a cargo cover, or intentionally, is flash, I do I can think I'm a voyeur go ask any driver who is seen, most have some kind of intentional act, as a passenger gives the driver a blowjob or straw, etc, etc you get the picture , but I have this written in the second week of a mercenary silver came to me on the M40, it was late, as usual ih interior lighting as naturalthe announcement of a look down i noticed a lot of leg in the passenger seat of a very normal brunette looked at me, as I said, was beyond me got me thinking : 'shit, that looked nice,' now I have learned to over the years, always a touch of horn or flash the lights, I've seen or I've seen, just to say thanks for the program pinkdino or confirm what we have seen, this was no exception,it worked! ! ' Because even though the soldiers stood before me, the driver, a man waited until the package of all the traffic that had existed then I can relax a little slip catch up to him on the passenger side . This time I had a very good, did not disappoint, she was the shit way to play with your right leg with yourself! they had the means, but the color of the pinkdino skin, so I did not it at first, well the driver is matched only by the speed of my just sat next to me, maybe pinkdino a minute or until more traffic has passed, and I moved backgave them a good package in the L- pitas other good flash the headlights. it was, I tried to keep their lights back in the eye if I would be pinkdino lucky to get a little more, but unfortunately mingled with all the other missing, but taffic 'wow ' what a view , so if you want the merc i just a big thang you say, you have my day!
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